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TFAK - Trigger First Aid Kit (Digital Download)


TFAK - Trigger First Aid Kit (Digital Download)


TFAK - Trigger First Aid Kit (Digital Download)


I designed the downloadable Trigger First Aid Kit (TFAK) to help you make the most of your emotional flashbacks. I know it sounds weird... But by using this method, I take control of my emotional flashbacks (or triggers) to gather information about myself.

The TFAK can be used while journaling or in a meditation to gain better understanding of your flashbacks and triggers. It’s my hope that the TFAK will help you understand yourself in a new way; A way that leads to less flashbacks and more healing.

What’s in it??

  • A Grounding Exercise

  • Feelings Tracker

  • Journaling/Meditation Ideas

  • Checklist of things to remember during flashbacks

This TFAK is not a substitute for medical treatment and is not meant diagnose or cure any condition. It soul purpose is to help you help yourself on your healing journey.

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