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ComPexiTieS VLOG

Vlog of Ms. Complexities meandering on living with and healing from CPTSD

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Parenting With CPTSD

Austin H Howard

This is why I started the podcast, which led to all the ways I share my story.

I do it because I had trouble finding others like me. People who were confronting there trauma while in relationships and while parenting.

I share because its hard to do all of that stuff at once. But I AM doing it successfully! I AM winning and healing and my family is pretty fucking healthy. I’m not special any one can do this stuff with the right support.

I believe in a future that is free of childhood trauma. First step to achieve this breaking the cycle within ourselves and not spreading the cycle of abuse to our children

I hope my story helps.

PTSD - CPTSD - There Different

Austin H Howard

These are a few of the differences between PTSD and Cptsd as noted by me. I think it's important to be clear on this and as some who works to raise awareness, I felt I should make this video to clear up the misconceptions that I often hear. I've talked about this is several podcast but I tried to shorten and simply it so the info could be more easily accessible.

This is some DSM info on CPTSD